Sunday, June 15, 2008


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter has passed, here in the Latin world, Semana Santa, where the whole city disappears to the seashore for the week, leaving the city a ghost town. It passed with me locked in my house for a week, bed ridden with some unnamed tropical illness.

I’m edgy, can’t sleep, haven’t gone to work in ten days; the table is covered in crumbs and dust, the chair I’m sitting in has only three legs on the floor, and there are cobwebs in the windows. I’m chain smoking my roommate’s cigarettes and drinking instant coffee. I’m sick of network television, I can’t read for more than five minutes without drifting off, and I don’t have the concentration to remember what I was about to type after the last comma.

It came back to me. There are three prints of African wildlife my old roommate left sitting propped against the wall beside me and I don’t have any hooks to hang them.

All is not right with the world. I’m about to light another smoke, just because I still have a half cup of the instant, even though I’ve done nothing else since 11am when I crawled out of bed. I should really go back to work sometime soon, seeing as I’m going to be skipping a pay check in the next month due to this pent up vacation.

I have to leave the country in the next 10 days. I was thinking about taking a trip down to Bocas Del Toro, in Panama. Here goes with that next cigarette. It’s either that or Managua to go visit that friend of Richards. Either way, I can hardly afford this after the past ten days off can I? It has to be done. I must admit, I am more than a little nervous about crossing the border. It remains a little unsettling to be an illegal.

This instant coffee gives an instant caffeine shot. It doesn’t help to have enough nicotine to kill a horse in my veins. Its 2:30pm, in the afternoon, is that redundant? I have to get out, go to the bank to get some cash to get my laundry, get some groceries, and maybe find the Racsa office to get my internet reconnected.

I took a moment to upload the pictures from my camera. It should be done in a moment. This document is now saved as “Tuesday”. Does the quotation mark go inside or outside the period?

After a quick browse through my pictures from the last three months I have come to some initial conclusions. Canada is cold. My high school was a magical place. I love my family. I like having visitors. I get a stupid grin on my face when surrounded by pretty girls. I’m not twenty anymore. I seem to have a drink in my hand most of the time. I have had some good times.

As I light yet another cigarette, I am left feeling slightly better about the little picture. Perhaps it’s time to move on to the bigger one.

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