Sunday, June 15, 2008


Senor Baillie,
I knew sometime soon this day would arrive where plans would fall into place and dates would be set. You are the first of us to take the plunge, to step up to a commitment I know you will enter with all your heart, bringing all of the honour and integrity that makes me proud to know you and have you as one of my closest friends. I salute you for it, and I will, of course, be at your side on this day of days.

I am writing you this from an outdoor café, mountains all around, with a soft rain falling and the sun creeping in and out through the clouds. It’s about cool enough for flip-flops, shorts, and a light sweater. I feel a slight twinge of guilt writing this, knowing the climate situation in southern Ontario; however I too feel a slight twinge of home sickness hearing Christmas carols playing in shops as I walk past. This year I will not be home for Christmas, but have a ticket for two weeks in Toronto, January 10th to the 25th. I very much look forward to seeing all of you. We have a commitment at Utopia that week for a Steam Whistle or two and all of the mayonnaise we can smother. I hope things are well; if you see Erik on his birthday, sucker him for me. Like wise for Mr. Ballah, who yes, is it true, will soon be one of Canada’s finest?

What more to write. My work keeps me engaged, my Spanish continues to frustrate even the most patient, and I continue to fall in love most every day. You think a man could learn, but then again, from your position why would he want to. Love is that one thing you can give up anything else for, and what rewards and happiness lie therein.

Take care, my love to Phon. Write soon, with details on the life of Brent. These are the things that keep me going.

Your Friend,

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