Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

friday evening blues project

No plans, no prospects, no ambitions so to speak; just some Cohen, some guitar, and a soaking in the rain.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

my day passes

I’ve been spending my days reading blogs/websites on food, street style, random “here is my life as I choose to portray it to the world”, politics, scents, and food, mostly food. I guess I should give credit where credit is due or at least acknowledge that yes I sneak peek into your day every so often. Oh, and I do this at work in between bouts of wistfully staring out the window at the clouds slip and sliding down mountain sides and lounging down below with the traffic. I suppose eventually I will link these or maybe it will be automatic we’ll see. This list is partial and in no way sorted or influenced by visiting frequency or my own politics.

Madas Fine Grind – it’s gone but it was the first so deserves mention
Cherniak on Politics - radar
Small Dead Animals – mostly for the well crafted comments section
Raymi The Minx – one day I googled blogger awards and went surfing. This one stuck around for the sheer mind blowing idea that someone could be so dedicated
And she’s a T.O. girl god I miss patio season at the Black Bull
Simply Breakfast - beautiful
Epicurious – deliciousness
Foreign Dispatches – elitist goodness
The Sartorialist – rare goodness
Face Hunter – medium rare
Ice Age Heat Wave – well, the title
Elite Music - radar
Basenotes – I’ve had the same eau de following me around since I quit patchouli at 18 but I have a sensitive sense of it
Sorcery of Scent - and having one is not always a blessing
Radmad – she found me I’m a little unnerved by the whole focus on running though
The Affected Provincial’s Almanack
La Femme – I think I’m in love
Secret Lounge – such a good idea but a little light on content
TriniGourmet – gnocchi success
Gastronomy Domine – red wine chorizo
Intoxicating Prose – wine one of my dearest most miserable friends
Cruising Central America – cause I want that boat

There are many more but that’s it for now.

The cat is a saint when there are no mice about

oh the little mouses

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I humbly request your sting o barbecue muse

Late Saturday morning. I'm perusing food ideas, thinking about breakfast, and cleaning the barbecue. The chorizo is simmering in red wine oregano leaves... I've got to run out for some supplies. Bread and wine.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

thinking ahead and back to halloween

well, how to top that one... ?


Weekend at the beach and marina tour... looking for a place to put a boat. Wish I'd had my board along.