Sunday, May 14, 2006

Corporate Outsourcing and Quixote

Finally, further correspondence from the wilds of Costa Rica. Ahh no, I shall backtrack, for the wilds have been replaced by miles of fiber optics, linux programs, messenger, suits, and fine dining. Smells like corporate sell out, no?

I will however defend my recent choices and actions in the following ways. First, my position as a project supervisor for IPSOS research projects, while clearly irrelevent in the social and spiritual progress of our world, as well as clearly snubbing the Quixote in me, presents a challenge to the roots of my character; personal organization. Second, my reasons for living here are cultural and linguistically based, and I hope to explore these interests both in the working environment and in my leisure time. Third is that, well, damn I miss you all, and would like to be able to afford to visit once and a while.

Finally, I hope that the experience will lead me into fields of a more important nature in these dangerous times. Yes indeed.

Chris Ruttan