Friday, April 14, 2006

Semana Santa

Happy Easter, feliz semana santa. I am here on vacation for the holy week in Nicaragua, a land of multi coloured everything, the kind of heat that gives Latin Americans a bad rap for being lazy, and oh, a little spice in the food. So refreshing from Costa Rican fare, which, delicious as it may be, is seriously lacking in one of my favorite attributes in a good meal, sabor picante.

Oh, so my sweet sister is the first of all of you to find their way down here to see what vistas keep me. I invite you all at a moments notice to follow suit.

Wish all your families well and take a moment to appreciate their nearness, for those of us far away can keep them only in our hearts and long to see their faces alight with the warmth that only hearth and home can bring.


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